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Wake up, Australia: the government is shattering the rule of law

Whether Morrison and his gang are aware of the damage they are doing is unclear, but their shameless refusal to submit to the law is lethal to our democracy.

PM’s secret trial is simply not good enough, says former top public servant

Philip Gaetjens' review of the sports rorts scandal should have set an example for the public service. Instead its only purpose was to get the government off the hook.

Revealed: Angus Taylor’s long history with bad maths

Australia's Energy Minister has form with questionable numbers — numbers which may have gone on to affect government policy.

Morrison’s authority and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin

Disunity used to be death in politics. But the denialists in the ranks of the Nationals realise that they, like Scott Morrison, can benefit from it.

Welcome to Collinsville, the new home of the climate wars ?

This small Queensland town is at the centre of a bitter debate over coal-fired power.

Government, industry need to work together in the fight against climate change

A clear policy position on climate change is needed to help the energy industry move forward.

Cricket Australia has run itself out with dreary, unpopular Big Bash

It's a remarkable achievement to trash something that was once so popular.

Collapsing coast claims Collaroy. Again.

Last month, Crikey published an in-depth report on Australia's coastal erosion. This week, Sydney's wild weather delivered yet another case study.

Hollywood has changed the game. Did you get the message?

This year's Oscars have been touted as a game-changer. But we've heard that before.

Thrown under the Cbus

Cbus Super has invested $128 million across 23 coal companies despite pushing the tagline "invest in a better future", and Queensland is staring down a tropical cyclone.

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Revealed: Angus Taylor’s long history with bad maths

Australia's Energy Minister has form with questionable numbers — numbers which may have gone on to affect government policy.

Forget emissions, it’s all about the fuel: where alt-climate ideas grow

Their views may not yet be mainstream, but powerful groups of alt-environmentalist climate sceptics are spreading like wildfire.

#29Leaks: has the ADF been caught up in a Russian money laundering scheme?

As part of the #29Leaks data leak, Inq and Michael West Media investigate a disturbing story involving the ADF, Russian contractors, and allegations of money laundering using Australian taxpayer funds.

Why did the government declare war on the AAT? To uphold ‘community standards’

CHAPTER ELEVEN: The government justifies its reshaping of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal by claiming it brings it into line with 'community standards'. For some seeking the tribunal's judgement, the changes could mean life or death.

Media missing in action on political donations yet again

Yesterday's political donation data dump should have been a massive story. So where was the mainstream media?

The political donors you’ve probably never heard of

Millions of dollars flow to both major political parties each year, and not from the places you might expect.

Spend a buck, gain a thousand: Big Four political donations reach record levels

While big bank donations to parties have dried up, the world's big consulting firms have replaced them as sources of political funding, all while taxpayers hand more and more money back.

Also trending

Llew O’Brien calls McCormack’s bluff

Good morning, early birds. Nationals backbencher Llew O'Brien has quit the party, and the storms that helped extinguish fires in NSW over the weekend have led to extreme flooding and evacuations. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

Steggall’s climate bill shows a bright idea rising from the ashes

Crossbenchers want to get rid of the biggest hurdle to effective climate policy in Australia: politicians. But to do that, they need to go much further.


xổ số miền nam đài bạc liêu

The science tells us that where we need to be is at net zero emissions by 2050. So let’s start there, and let’s work our way [back] — what are the milestones, how do we hold ourselves accountable…


The head of the Business Council of Australia supports a transition plan for net-zero emissions by 2050, with a core milestone being a ~45% reduction by 2030. Notably, the latter is a target Labor took to the last election… the one a certain business group lobbied against as “economy wrecking“.


Home of the bravado

This week in Side View: journalists find a friend in defamation law, McKinsey versus the middle class, latest corruption scores, and we're gonna build a wall — badly.


Steggall’s climate bill shows a bright idea rising from the ashes

Crossbenchers want to get rid of the biggest hurdle to effective climate policy in Australia: politicians. But to do that, they need to go much further.

Australian universities are ‘frantic’ amid coronavirus fallout

This situation could quickly transform from problematic into a full-blown crisis. For now, universities are left in the dark.

Bolt takes a massive dive with his climate mea culpa

The right is strategically rethinking its position on climate change. Keep an eye out for the spin.

Solving climate change means putting a price on carbon

Tackling climate change requires putting a price on carbon. A carbon tax is the best way to do that.

What is the ABC for?

Crikey tries to unravel and distill some of the crucial questions we think the ABC should be asking itself in this post-Guthrie/Milne era.

New media stirs in Queensland as Solstice Media heads north

A new independent news website for Queensland launches today, from publisher Solstice Media and chaired by Crikey's Eric Beecher.

Diversity in adversity: how Australian media is failing the coronavirus test

Our news media needs expertise and resources. Sadly, it's only the ABC that's delivering.

News Corp results reveal Foxtel still in free fall

Foxtel's subscriber numbers continue to trouble News Corp amid the rise of streaming rivals.

Nats crisis: should the media focus less on the people behind the politics?

As we face another round of instability in the government, is it time for journalists to reappraise their interest in covering leadership stories?

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